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Stay Connected
These challenging times have heightened our awareness of the need for human connection. Previously, our involvement in the Santa Fe Opera’s season always engaged guild members in events and activities that fostered communication and unity. Sadly, but justifiably, the cancellation of the opera’s 2020 Festival Season will keep us physically apart, but there never has been a more important time to stay connected to your member guild.

The Guilds of the Santa Fe Opera, Inc., frequently referred to as “Guilds, Inc.” is non-profit organization that engages in volunteering, fundraising and community activities in Albuquerque, Española Valley, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, and Taos. Created in 1963, the Guilds of the Santa Fe Opera is the corporation responsible for the overall adminsitration, cooperation and policy decisions of all member guilds. Collectively, the guilds promote the work and goals of the opera and nowhere is that more obvious than in summer programs like Youth Nights at the Opera, Preview Dinners, Opera Insider Days and, of course, our Opening Night celebration. These programs are supported by the time and energy of guild volunteers from around the state and result in a considerable financial contribution to the opera. The loss of these events is temporary and time specific.

Meanwhile, throughout the year, member guilds provide educational and social programs in their communities to reduce barriers and demystify opera. These programs engage newcomers and opera enthusiasts alike in order to build and maintain opera audiences. Each member guild also financially contributes to the corporation of Guilds, Inc, which then makes direct cash contributions to the Santa Fe Opera, specifically to the outreach programs of the Community Engagement Department.

Now more than ever we need the power and exhilaration of an art form that combines music, drama and the inescapable vulnerability of the human voice. Stay connected — creative programming ideas are circulating and, without the financial revenue of summer events, we need your support! Every member is important, every membership is a contribution.

Stay safe and well. We’ll be together again soon.

Eileen Woodbury
President, Guilds of the Santa Fe Opera, Inc.


Who Are We?
Since the Santa Fe Opera’s inaugural season in 1957, the six Guilds have provided support to the Opera as part of one 501(c)(3) non-profit organization — Guilds of the Santa Fe Opera, Incorporated, known locally as “Guilds, Inc.”

Why Join the Guilds of the Santa Fe Opera?
Whether you have seen operas around the world or consider yourself an opera novice, curious to learn more, becoming a Guild member provides opportunities for enrichment. Guilds are located in Albuquerque, Española Valley, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, and Taos — and a National membership is available for supporters outside New Mexico.
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