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 of The Santa Fe Opera, Inc.

  We support the Education and Community Programs of The Santa Fe Opera

   A classic Santa Fe sunset, seen from The Santa Fe Opera looking West towards the Jemez Mountains , July 2011 .   At the Opera, it's magical!





Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera, Inc.
P. O Box 2371
Santa Fe, NM 87504-2371

(505) 629-1410 or (888) 666-1410,
Ext. 100 (Membership) or Ext. 102 (President)     

About the Santa Fe Opera Guild
The Santa Fe Opera Guild (SFOG) offers educational and social events throughout the year, providing members with opportunities to volunteer and participate in a number of community outreach programs. For the upcoming season, SFOG is planning several educational and social events and the Guild's Operagram, e-published monthly, keeps members informed about upcoming Guild and Opera events.

Membership Benefits Unique to this Guild
Membership in each Guild chapter offers standard benefits. However, SFOG regularly presents a series of educational programs for members and non-members and believes that Guild membership should provide "value added" benefits, thus giving members access to events or unique behind-the-scenes views of aspects of SFO's activities not otherwise available.

"National Members" of The Santa Fe Opera Guild
If you join as a National Member, you will be able to take advantage of programs offered locally as well as a special summer program for members in this category who come to Santa Fe during the opera season.

Your support of the guild will go directly to The Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera, Inc. (our official non-profit corporation and "umbrella" organization) to directly benefit the Education and Community Programs Department of The Santa Fe Opera.

Upcoming Events:

Register for Luncheon Here!

Guild Executive Board, 2014-15

President: Bill Derbyshire
(505) 629-1410, Ext. 102

Treasurer: Scot Eastwood
 (505) 629-1410, Ext. 105

Recording Secretary: Rodney Cyr
(505) 629-1410, Ext. 104

VP-Communications: Martha Baker

(505) 629-1410, Ext. 109

VP-Education: Jackie M
(505) 629-1410, Ext. 106

VP-Membership: Judy Costlow
(505) 629-1410, Ext. 100

The Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera, Incorporated
O. Box 2658

 (888) 666-3430, Ext. 100

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation founded in October 1963 

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